Travel journal, 28.05.2022

Travel journal, 28.05.2022

The day today can be good summed up with plans, that change and that you should always trust your intuition, because it can lead you to the most beautiful places.

Our Morning

Finally, we slept in together. We woke all up at 10 o’clock and made us a coffee. The coffee grinding and drinking in the van has grown to be my most loved ritual.

After that, we have decided, that we rather search for a new place to stay. Originally we wanted to stay for 2 nights and chose this place exactly for that.

Bus, some points were speaking against this decision. The beach was unfortunately only for humans, that means dogs were forbidden. And so we could not even go to the lake, what we missed and needed so much.

Also, I dislike camping grounds more and more and I feel uncomfortable between all the big whites and the people and dogs.

And last but not least, there was a sewage treatment plant Directly next to the place, so here and there it was smelly.


We arrived at our new place and felt, directly, that all the work and planing was worth it.

A place, directly at the lake, more expensive than the last one but so worth it!

The man who is responsible for the waters came by, and we talked to him. In the future, we can come here with the SUP’s also. We bought some before this holiday, but unfortunately they didn’t arrive in time.

We then had a late breakfast and calmed down a bit. I started to write this travel journal and enjoyed the view on the lake. What is there, that’s better 😊.

After this, we went on a little bike tour to the big camping ground, where we could pay for the night. We kept driving a bit, around the lakes here. That was a beautiful little tour.

Koda was running with us at the beginning, like a champion. As he got slower, we put him in the trailer. He did great in there already. After a while, he came back out and ran a bit more with us, so he could go back in for the last couple of kilometers. I have to say, that Koda did great for the second time ever riding in the trailer. Of course, he is still a little scared and doesn’t feel too comfortable. But he accepts it more and more, and he can see, that it helps him. That’s why I hope, that he can relax in there soon.

Our evening

Back at the bus, Max learned a bit and I read and watched the water. For me, there are barely any moments, where I can feel the calmness as when I look at the water.

After we made dinner, Burritos, it was for tonight 😊.

At the end of the day, Max did everything to be able to download 2 episodes of Stranger Things. He even went to another place with my cell phone and tablet 😂.

I’ve been reading in the meantime and made myself comfortable in Kala with Koda.

Unfortunately, my hay fever is still not better. And so I really struggled with blowing my nose and sneezing this weekend. But that’s only marginally.

So we then tried to watch 1 episode of Stranger Things, but that didn’t quite work out because the app kept crashing. So we went to bed a little earlier, with the intention of getting up at 5:15 a.m. tomorrow to watch the sunrise at the lake.

I hope you have a fabulous evening, a wonderful good morning or a great afternoon.

Until tomorrow,

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