Manifestation of a vision in 5 steps

Manifestation of a vision in 5 steps

In this article I would like to tell you a little bit about how I manifest, what is important to me and what my personal 5 steps are for successful manifesting.

1. Find a vision

My first step is to get clear about what I want to achieve in life.

So I imagine what could be when I’m 90 years old. What do I want to have achieved, how can my life look like, where do I want to live, how do I want to be remembered? I ask myself all of this and form a clear picture of it.

From this I formed my life vision.

Then I look at what I want to achieve in 10, 5 and in a year.

This image should always be a positive one, not forced, because it has to be, but one that is allowed to be. A picture that would make you happy, but without pressure and coercion. Try to keep it light, it can be exactly the same, but it can also be better or different from what you are imagining.

2. Make the vision approachable

In order to make this partially abstract vision more accessible, even more tangible, I then think very carefully about how it all feels, how it smells, how it might taste. So I try to experience them with all my senses. This also means connecting the vision with strong emotions – with joy, love, gratitude, etc.

This makes it approachable, even tangible. I can practically feel how my life feels. Just as if it already were.

Feeling like it’s already been accomplished is super important to be able to manifest. Because only if you believe with your whole being that something can come true, it can also come true!

The nice side effect of this step is that you are already grateful in the here and now and don’t just wait for the moment when the time has come and you have achieved everything. After all, assuming the universe is helping you a little with your vision, why should the universe be helping you with anything if you’re constantly chasing a dream without actually being happy? What do you think, do you prefer to surround yourself with people who are positive, grateful and satisfied or with those who are dissatisfied and only find something to complain about all the time? Don’t get me wrong, everyone has bad days or times, but it’s much nicer when we’re already happy, satisfied and grateful in the here and now and not only in 5 or 10 years when we’ve achieved that, what we wished for. Then what’s the point of being happy about it, and in the end we probably won’t be either.

There is only this present moment, so enjoy it 😉.

3. Embed vision

Next, I think about how I can embed this vision in the big picture. How does my vision fit into the context of this world? What good can I do with it, what can I change with it, how can I help others with it?

This can mean that you are happy and content and that you radiate it into the world. This can also mean that you want to make the world more sustainable, want to help people find love or something else.

Whatever it is that ties your vision to the big picture, it’s really important that you find it. Because everything is connected and if you change, everything around you will change too. It is therefore important to consider this beforehand and to embed it directly in what may come 😊.

4. Visualize the vision

My next step is the pictorial design of the whole.

For this I create vision boards. If you are interested in how I do it, you are welcome to comment here under the post, then I will try to write a post about it in the near future 😉.

Roughly speaking, I look for pictures that match my visions and then create a collage from them. I think it’s important here that you know exactly what you associate with which picture, so that you are immediately in the emotion that you associate with it. It should therefore be pictures that speak to you immediately. I also like to add sayings that speak to me directly and with which I can connect, something that triggers a positive feeling in me.

I have a vision board for my life, one for the next 5 years and one for this year.

5. Let vision become everyday life

In order to integrate the vision board into everyday life, I recommend that you have it in places that you see regularly. So that it can be integrated into your subconscious all by itself.

I therefore recommend, for example, the desktop background, but also a large picture frame in a room.

When looking for a suitable place, I think it is important that you feel comfortable with it. Do not choose a place that visitors can see immediately, for example, and then you associate an uneasy feeling with your collage because you have to explain yourself, etc. So think carefully about where the right place is for you, and then look at your vision board every day.

What you can do additionally is to connect with your vision in the morning and in the evening. Personally, I usually forget about it, which is why I don’t do it. But it is definitely a booster for your subconscious. Therefore, e.g. the bedroom is a great place for your vision board.

It’s also a great option for writing about the vision. So write in a diary daily, or as often as possible, about what may come.

Overall, with all these things, you create a focus on what you want to achieve. And as we know where we the focus goes, our energy flows 😊.


So in summary, I can say that I manifest in 5 steps.

  1. Clarify my vision/goals
  2. Making this vision tangible by connecting with emotions
  3. Then embedding the vision in the big picture
  4. The visual design using one or more vision boards
  5. This is experienced in everyday life and thus anchored in the subconscious

I hope you can take something for yourself!

All the best,

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