About me

About who I am and what you can expect here

In the following I want to tell you a bit more about myself and about, what you can expect from my blog.

That’s me


So about me, I’m Ronja and 29 years old. I live with my boyfriend Max and our Dog Koda in Germany, beautiful Black Forest “Schwarzwald”. Normally I like to take photos a lot more, than let them get taken of me. That’s why you will find more photos taken from me, mainly nature photos.

I have tree siblings, whom I am very proud of. Being the eldest and growing up in a difficult family, my social Job was pretty much predetermined. If I even had a choice of my future job, I’m not so sure today.

I have three siblings that I’m so proud of. As the oldest and by growing up in a not so ideal world, a social profession was practically inevitable. Today, I’m not so sure whether I still had a choice.

My Work

I’ve done an apprenticeship as a kindergarten teacher and studied social work. I have been working in the social service for almost 3 years. There I work with young, unaccompanied refugee men and women as well as with families. Usually we look together to see how I can support the young people or families and then I organise the appropriate help.

About this Blog


Topics that interest me and that you will find here on my blog include:

  • creativity
  • health and nutrition
  • gardening
  • sustainability
  • spirituality
  • travelling
  • sports and related to that yoga
  • my work
  • and all together every day things.


Why Ronja KUNTERBUNT (colourful) your might ask yourself? I’m gonna explain it to you.

I’m in general a very happy person and have (mostly) a lot of energy as well as always a thousand new ideas. First of all you can see that in our apartment. Because its pretty colourful and wild. Secondly and even more so, you see it in myself. My clothes are mostly not very fitting to the occasion and I’m wearing Dreadlocks (which is particularly noticeable in an office). As already mentioned, my life has not been one colour so far, but a colourful mixture of positive and negative experiences. It was more of an mix of colours, of good and bad experiences. So altogether, KUNTERBNT (colourful) explains me pretty well.

You can also see this in the many themes I’m interested in and which I’m gonna write about on this blog. I know, it’s better to do a Blog about one topic. But that wouldn’t suit me. So this blog is gonna be a colourful mix about all different topics, that occupy, inspire, enchant, astonish, grasp and move me in life.

My dream…

My biggest dream right now is, that we can live on big ground close to here in a Tiny House, where we can do gardening as we like. Since I still find it difficult to let go of things, I see a tiny house as an opportunity to realise the minimalist life I strive for.

Over the years I would like to be able to supply us with as much food as possible from the garden. Because we are vegan, this would be even possible (side fact: I find this aspect very exciting about the vegan diet). We would only have to buy additional meat for Koda, our dog, because he gets BARF Food. (BARF means Biologically Appropriate Raw Food and its mainly raw meat and bones with vegetables and fruit)

Rise up and Shine Uni 2021

At this point I would like to make it clear that I will definitely make product suggestions at one point or another. However, these are always unpaid, from the bottom of the heart and therefore not advertisement.

To make my dreams come true, I did Laura Malina Seiler’s Rise up and Shine Uni (RUSU) at the beginning of 2021. It has moved me a lot and, among other things, gave me the idea to start this blog here. I have a lot to say and in order not to constantly confront those around me with information that they don’t want to hear at the moment. So I thought I would start a blog to let people who are interested in my topics decide freely whether they want to want to read my words or not. Entirely in their own time.


Overall, I am very interested in topics related to spirituality and my current motto in life is: “Where your mind goes, your energy flows”. Because everything in our life is determined by us. That means, whoever thinks bad thoughts will also have bad experiences. At the same time, there is always the opportunity to align yourself and your thoughts positively to what you want to achieve and miracles will happen. I have actually been able to experience that several times in my life. Maybe I’ll tell you a little more about this another time.

For some time now, I’ve been dealing with the question of how one manages to think positively and thus to align one’s entire life in a positive way. I will definitely write something about this one time or the other.

My occupational therapies aka Hobbies


With our Bus “Posti”, Max, Koda and me travel around whenever we find the time for it. Last year we travelled a bit through Germany. In the future we would definitely like to see a bit more of Europe too. Our Bus we built our self. At the moment its nowhere perfect. But you only learn from mistakes, so we will built it piece by piece new in the next few years. As far as possible, I will of course document and comment on this here. This may help you learn from our mistakes.

Yoga and Sports

I’m doing yoga since roughly 7 years, sometimes more and sometimes less. At the moment I’m doing it every morning and after the workout as stretching. I’ve really come to love the sport over the past year. It helps me stay fit and active myself.

The podcast from Laura Melina Seiler gave me an amazing insight. In the episode with Kendra Zwiefka I realized that my body is my temple. As trite as the sentence sounds, it is so true. Because our body gives us life and health. Two qualities that we have all come to appreciate a lot more in the last year. And because he makes all this possible for us, he can take it away from us too. And because I saw myself (in a meditation) as a 90-year-old woman, fit and active, I want to be exactly that. So I’ve decided for myself to take better care of my body than I have in the past few years.


Since for me health is always internal and external. So I move more and also find peace and quiet in myself through meditation. Everything is always a process so if you are still here and you will stay here with me, then maybe you’re gonna see a bit of the process.

Morning routine

A big part of my self-care (body and mind) I do in the mornings, in my morning routine. This helped me a lot, especially in the last year, to stay with myself and in worst case, to bring me back to myself.

Creative hobbies

In terms of my creative hobbies, I haven’t actually found the one for myself yet. I much prefer to switch between different activities. So I keep practising knitting, crocheting, embroidering, sewing, painting and lettering. All things that give me a lot of pleasure.


In order to inspire myself for creative phases but also other topics, I love reading magazines and books on various topics. So I mostly read non-fiction Books mostly about personal enhancement, health, spirituality or other things.

So nice, that your here!

As I said, I’m just very happy that you are here and that you now hopefully know a little more about me.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me at any time via Instagram, at @ronja_kunterbunt or at info (at) ronjakunterbunt.de.

Now I hope you have a wonderful day, make it your day! Because you deserve it.

Al the best,