Travel journal, 06.03.2022

Travel journal, 06.03.2022

Hello and nice that you are checking in, on our last day in the travel journal of our trip to Blautopf, Germany. Compared to yesterday, the day was very relaxed and everything went well, just as we had hoped. All in all, it was a successful short trip for us and I want to share some thoughts with you at the end.

Our morning

Our morning was much more successful compared to yesterday. After we woke up comfortably, we turned on the heating and made ourselves a coffee. Then we packed everything together to start looking for an emptying station for the camping toilet.

We found them only about 14 minutes later and were naturally very relieved 😉.

We then had a quick breakfast there. With the best bread we found, when we were in Blaubeuren. So delicious!

Then we drove a little further and stopped at a reservoir. We went for a long walk there. The wind was unfortunately very icy, which is why it was sometimes freezing. Nevertheless, the walk was super nice!

Back at Kala we ate the leftovers from yesterday’s pizza, still a treat!

The ride home

We then drove to a bicycle park that we had seen on the way to the disposal station. Koda and I watched Max from the warm bus. But it was all over quickly because the jumps were too easy for Max 😂.

After that, we made our way home. Luckily, this went very smoothly, and we returned home safe and sound.

Some thoughts

I’ve been thinking a lot today about how I’ve been able to write down so many happy things these past few days for others to read. At the same time, I also wrote down the failures and our worries. I asked myself whether this is not totally banal in the current situation and completely out of place.

For me, I decided no. Because what I want to achieve with this blog is to bring more joy into the world. To inspire others, you, and to bring light into the world.

Darkness, troubles, conflicts, wars, terrible things, trauma, etc. have always existed and always will. And yes! This is definitely terrible!

So what to do?

  • Getting informed is good, knowing what’s going on in the world and how it currently looks is important and correct!
  • Stand up and show solidarity against injustice in the form of media or personal protest.
  • Help, through donations or actual, personal help with things that are needed.

What not to do

  • Sink into the media jungle that we have these days with minute-by-minute news on social media.
  • Feeling completely overwhelmed by all the information, pulling the blanket over your head and not doing anything anymore.
  • Looking away, disinterest, but also so-called toxic positivity – just wanting to sugarcoat everything.

In my work alone, I am confronted with terrible things every day. In our world, terrible crimes against humans and animals happen every day.

All of this doesn’t leave me untouched.

At the same time, I don’t think it’s of any use to anyone if I lose myself in “Weltschmerz” as a result.

That’s exactly why I’m doing this blog here, as a little therapy lesson for me, but also as inspiration for you. I want to bring light into the darkness without denying it, without abhorring it or without condemning it.

Because the darkness is here! Without it, we wouldn’t see the light.

And there is, even in times like these. So many people helping, donating and doing good. A Europe that stands together, Ukraine that stands up against all expectations like David against Goliath and the many small beautiful moments that each individual experiences every day.

This is exactly why I needed this short trip so badly. I was afraid of getting bogged down, at work, in the news. Then you can take a break and do something good for yourself! This is so important!

So I hope I didn’t upset you with my words, but was also able to shed some light on your darkness, just as I did for myself.

But now I wish you a nice evening, a quiet day or a good morning.

All the best,

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