Travel journal, 05.03.2022

Travel journal, 05.03.2022

Hello, nice that you are here on our 2nd day of our travel diary for our little trip to Blautopf. From a difficult morning and noon to a beautiful evening today, everything was there. Make yourself comfortable and come with me for a moment 😊.

Our disaster morning

The heating drama

Our morning started with a little shock at 7:00 am. The heater wouldn’t start anymore, the first thought was that the battery was dead, the second, all the more frightening, that the diesel could be empty. As good Swabians do, we didn’t fill up yesterday because it was so expensive (fun fact – it’s rarely worth it! Filled up for 7 cents more today, but more on that later).

After Max crawled out of the warm bed, he checked. No, our diesel wasn’t empty yet – what a relief. Unfortunately, this did not solve the problem. The sun was just up, so not high enough to charge our solar panels. So Max tried charging the battery through the starter battery, and with the Jackery.

Unfortunately, the Jackery (a large external power bank – sooo useful when camping!) was also empty. So it was time to get together and cuddle to stay warm enough. We also threw the “emergency” sleeping bag over us.

Then all 3 of us fell asleep again. When we woke up around 11, the battery was charged enough and luckily the heating worked again, what a relief 😊.

The relationship drama

As it is sometimes the case when you are in a small space and then nothing works as it should, Max and I also had an argument this morning. I don’t want to say anything more about this, but I just want to say that it’s completely normal in difficult times that there are problems in the relationship. Don’t worry – we’ve sorted everything out and are one heart and soul again 😉.

The Koda Drama

The little prince being fed

Koda mostly has to get used to traveling. Therefore, he often has little appetite for the first few days, and we are always worried. It was like that from yesterday to today.

He then only ate when I gave him the food with my hand – such a little prince 😂.

Otherwise, Koda was great today! We even left out the gate for the first time, between the driver’s compartment and his bed. He used to always try to get as close to us as possible. That was dangerous when driving, so we found the solution with the gate.

I’m so glad we tried again! Koda did a great job and was much calmer than usual when driving!

What I have to say about that, he’s often really stressed out when driving, unless we’re on the freeway. He then always has bad dandruff and loses hair. I’m always so sorry! But it gets better and better after a few days on the road.

I hope that we can now make the journey more comfortable for him again.

The key drama

Now that everything was settled, we decided to pack up. We wanted to eat vegan cake and drink coffee in a café a few towns away.

Max lost his key while packing. We must have been looking for the key for an hour and couldn’t find it.

The mood had hit rock bottom again.

That’s why I decided, we’ll go to the café, and then we’ll search the bus again with a full stomach and a warmed-up, clear head. We had searched the place where we were standing intensively beforehand, there it was nowhere. But since Max only rearranged the bus when he lost it, I was sure that he could only be somewhere in the bus and was therefore sure that we will find it in the bus later. Max, of course, not quite liked that.

But then we drove off anyway, it’s not good for anyone to keep going. On the way, we remembered the diesel problem again – we still had to fill up! Unfortunately, this only works with Max’s key. (We exchanged the locks because there were none there on the sliding door. The only lock Max couldn’t exchange was the one on the fuel filler cap.) So we knew we had to find the key soon, otherwise there would be no vacation 😂.

The café drama

So off we went towards the café, the anticipation was great.

Instead of coffee and cake – chips, coffee and an apple

Unfortunately, when it arrived, it was gone again very quickly. No cake to go and nothing vegan either. I left a review directly on Vanillabean. The landlady was super nice and explained everything to me, but I was still disappointed.

At least Max found his keys while I was in the café! What a relief!

So, as at least a little reparation, we decided to go to the McDonalds, which was right there. At least there is vegan apple pie and coffee with oat milk.

Arrived at McDonalds there was unfortunately no more apple pie, so instead of cake we had fries and an apple turnover for dessert 😂.

A day full of disappointments until then. But whatever! We didn’t let it spoil the day.

Instead, I bought a “bit” of sweets at Aldi and Rewe, and we filled Kala up.

Compensation in the evening

We then looked for a free camper place where we can dispose the camping toilet. We found one on the Danube, so we went there.

Then came the compensation for the whole day.

A beautiful walk along a lake, a small former holiday home area with lots of houses that would be perfect for us, and a sunset on the lake.

Is there anything more beautiful? ❤ Not for us!

On the walk, we spoke to 2 homeowners who were outside. Super nice and great conversations about Australia, life at the lake and life itself. Really an awesome walk.

Cheeky, as I sometimes am, I asked before the walk, in the pizzeria directly opposite the parking space, if they would make us vegan pizza with cheese. Since they didn’t have any, we were allowed to bring our own cheese.

Max then quickly fetched it from Kaufland around the corner. I then got the pizza – it was so delicious! 😍

The toilet drama

Now we’ll have a nice evening before the toilet drama begins.

We thought that we could dispose of the camping toilet here, unfortunately I didn’t pay enough attention. Our camping toilet is not the biggest, which is why we have to empty it every 2 days.

Now we can only hope that it will be enough for tonight and tomorrow morning and that we will manage the 15 minutes for disposal tomorrow morning 😂. Today we will probably be spared nothing.

Well, no matter how the situation may seem, we are healthy, we are safe, we are fine, and we are back in the warm bus now. Namely, have a pitch (even with free!) Electricity. So the heating can no longer fail tonight!

We wish you a calm and relaxed evening, day or morning 😊. Enjoy it! Because life is what you make of it, even with all the stones that are put in your way.

All the best,

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