Travel journal 01.08.2021

Travel journal 01.08.2021

Moin, I’m slowly getting used to the greeting ? and welcome to our travel journal in Posti.

Start of the day

Today was another eventful day. I managed to do yoga this morning and even did a small workout. I meditated before the two boys were really awake. So it was very good for me and I don’t think any stress for either of them ?

Then, when we wanted to take a shower, there was a lot going on at the campsite. Someone died. Many people whom I could see when walking Koda later, standing on the dike and watching the helicopter and the Emergency car.

Onlookers, a strange word for people who delight in the suffering, pain and drama of other people. Terrible.


I only realized again how much I love the life that I am allowed to live, how happy I am to wake up (more or less) healthy every day and to collect all the experiences. A gift is it, our life, our body and our mind.

After a little deepness, we started packing. We wanted to go to the North Sea for 2-3 days. Maybe see seals?

When Plans don’t work out for the better

Our plan was actually to just stand somewhere tonight. Everything that needs to be charged is charged, and the solar system has produced good electricity today, which is why there should be enough energy for the refrigerator. But then it turned out differently.

We were already standing at our place in the middle of the fields, just before the dike, and had already turned a lap on our bikes down to the dike and the sheep.

Then, however, I received the message of a parking space that I really wanted to visit here, which unfortunately had no more space for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. He still had something free for today. So we changed our mind without further ado and drove to that place.

Once there, we felt right at home. After a short dinner that Max cooked for us while I was uploading the last two blogs.

To end the beautiful day, we ended the evening with very dear people around the fire bowl. I have seldom felt so comfortable on a camping ground. Fortunately, we then found out, that we could stand here one more night.
Bullivian is therefore a really recommendable place for every self-built camper and van 🙂

My learnings today:

  • Life is a gift
  • Sea isn’t always sea
  • I have the best man in the world by my side
  • Sometimes it’s better when plans don’t work out

And with that I hope you have a restful night, I have an appointment for yoga tomorrow morning ?

Otherwise, have a great day or a nice good morning.

All the best,

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