My plans for the garden year 2022

My plans for the garden year 2022

What my plans are for the garden year 2022, which vegetables and fruits I plan to grow and what I want to focus on this year, I will tell you more about this in this article.

My plan for 2022

Cultivation plan

As outlined in my 2021 review, I have some adjustments for 2022 that I will be making.

I will mix my beds a little according to the bed-plan. Since certain plant families can get certain diseases and attract pests, changing the beds makes a lot of sense if you have the space. Since I have a total of 6 beds, I can easily change the beds in a specific order, thus minimizing diseases and pests. It is best if the same plant family does not stand in the same bed for 4 years.

The only bed where this is not possible for me is the tomato house. It’s in a fixed place. Here I may have to think about whether we should look for another place to put the house on and then switch between the two places every few years.

Vegetables and fruits that I want to grow

As already described in my review of 2021, this year I pay more attention to the vegetables and fruits that we really like and often eat, adjust the amount, etc.

So I plan to sow the following varieties:

  • Cucumber, Dekan- pickling cucumber
  • Beetroot
  • Lettuce, Lidetta
  • Lettuce, Mai Wunder
  • Winter Lettuce, Baqieu
  • Lettuce, Fitness mix
  • garlic
  • Onions, Rote Laer
  • Carrots, Chanteney
  • Carrots, Amsterdam
  • Kohlrabi, Azur Star
  • Cauliflower, Romanesco
  • Broccoli, Calabrese
  • radishes
  • Pumpkin, Hokkaido
  • Leek, self-harvested seeds (let’s see if they sprout at all)
  • Chard, Rainbow
  • Chard, Compacta Verde
  • Zucchini, Sativa
  • Tomato, Black cherry
  • Tomato, Bernese rose
  • Tomato, self-harvested seeds (let’s see which ones will do, if none will do, I’ll buy plants to go with it)
  • Paprika, Yolo Wonder
  • Chili, de Cayenne
  • Strawberries, perennial, are already in the beds
  • Rhubarb, perennial, is already in the bed
  • Yellow mustard as green manure

Here you can see how I planned my beds for 2022. If you have a great tip for me on what I can improve, I’d love to hear from it 😊.

As you can see, I made two plans for most beds. One for the first half of the year and a second for the second half. When a vegetable or fruit is harvested, and the soil is bare, I will sow green manure or mulch the spot.

Between the tomatoes, I plan to sow celery. I currently drink celery juice almost every morning and therefore have an immense celery consumption 😉. I’ll try it out this year, and I’ll report back how it goes.

The bed close to the berries

When planning the bed, I paid as much attention as possible to good neighbors, i.e. to mixed cultures, and when planting in the order that, for example, bulbous plants do not end up on the same bed as the year before.

To Do’s

Of course, with a vegetable garden comes some to-dos. I like to split the tasks up over the months and then see what I can get done and when.

In February, for example, there are still a few jobs to be done, such as sowing seeds, preparing the beds, cleaning and oiling the tools and slowly but surely looking forward to the vegetable summer 😉.

What I want to focus on more this year is the floor work. That means regularly weeding and mulching the soil. Because a healthy soil is the most important for growing vegetables and fruit. The better the soil, the easier it is to garden and the better yield I get. So that’s where my focus this year is.

Our soil in the garden is rather heavy and loamy. That means that since we took over the garden, I’ve been working on making the soil lighter and more permeable. We regularly add compost to the beds and the mulching also loosens the soil.

As soon as I can afford it, I will treat myself to a double digging fork. This can be used to loosen the soil – soil friendly. Overall, digging is not good for the soil and the creatures in it. Because every layer of earth has its living beings, those die as soon as they are in another layer. For a healthy soil, that means no digging, if possible, but rather adding to the soil what it lacks. On average, it can take up to 5 years before the soil is good for growing vegetables. That means, if I focus on improving for the next 2 years, is there a good chance that we will have perfect ground here 😊.


As you can see, the anticipation increases significantly for me, always with the planning for my garden year.

Therefore, if you feel like some vegetables from the garden or from the balcony, make a small plan. Try planting vegetables or herbs in pots. I’m telling you, there’s not much quite as satisfying as watching your own fruit, veg, or herb grow and later harvesting it.

On a very small scale, this can be done with sprouts. In a sprout glass, you can grow your own sprouts from seeds very quickly. That’s at least a start, where the desire for more can be awakened 😉.

Now I hope you have a wonderful day, noon, morning or evening,

All the best,

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