Australia, 3. Week

Australia, 3. Week

In this blog post I take you with me to our 3rd week in Australia. A week full of good food, quiet moments and relaxation.

This week was quieter than the last, which is why this blog post is a little shorter 😊.

Monday, 08/29/2022

On Monday, we really got back to Karen, Max’s grandmother.

We slept in and spent the morning in peace. Max’s aunt came by with her dog. That was super nice for us, but at the same time it increased the empty feeling and showed again how much we miss Koda.

We all went to a super nice café for lunch, for Max’s cousin’s birthday. There was really delicious vegan food there.

After lunch, we went on to pick up Karen’s car and trailer. Here I met a little puppy and loved her immediately. But puppies are too cute, how can you not be completely in love with the little cuties? 😍

The evening was still super quiet, and we had a good time.

Tuesday 08/30/2022

On Tuesday, around noon, Max went to Gympie again. From there, he sent me the wonderful picture of the Kookaburra.

I spent most of the day indoors. I took care of myself a lot and rested.

Also, I finally ate an avocado bread again. Simply with avocado, pepper and salt. It doesn’t get any better! The avocados here are simply bombastic, nutty and delicious. No comparison to the unripe harvested avocados that we buy in Germany.

The day felt fantastic! My need for rest and break had grown steadily over the past few days, which is why it came in handy.

Due to my high sensitivity, I need more breaks than other people, more time for myself. Since women are also very cyclical beings, there are times (luteal phase and menstruation) when more breaks are necessary than usual. Overall, this break was more than necessary for me and felt incredibly good.

Wednesday, 08/31/2022

Karen and I made Wednesday a real women’s day.

We started the morning relaxed.

Then we got ready and drove into town. There, we first went to a nail salon and treated ourselves to a manicure and pedicure.

After that, we went for a short stroll and then to a second-hand shop. We browsed there for a while and I even found some things.

Afterwards, we had lunch in a super cute café. I’ve really learned to love raisin toast here and treat myself to it now and then. In most cases, it is also a good vegan alternative.

At the end we went again to buy a little food in a simply goods shop (everything unpacked). My heart opened up! There was so much great stuff there!

We ended the afternoon by having a movie night.

Thursday, 09/01/2022

The first day in September, it’s unbelievable how quickly time flies and how quickly the year comes to an end.

Max came back on Thursday, but only towards the evening.

Also, Max’s second sister, Savannah, and her little dog, Wolfie, came to live with us. The two will stay until Wednesday, which we are really happy about!

We spent the day talking and getting to know each other. Really nice to really get to know and get to love the whole family over time.

FRIDAY, 09/02/2022

On Friday morning, I started looking at Karen’s shells. She allowed me to pick a few, and she really, really has a lot!

Later we go to have something to eat and do some shopping. We had lunch at the nicest café ever, and I treated myself to vegan pancakes simply because I can and because I haven’t been able to find a vegan option anywhere. The best decision!

Then we went to the shopping center. Max, his sister Krystal also joined us, and we strolled around a bit. A really nice afternoon!

In the evening, we played a few rounds of card games. A really fun and beautiful evening.

Saturday, 09/03/2022

A big birthday was planned for Saturday, for 2 of Max’s cousins ​​and for Krystal. Unfortunately, Max and I are flying back the day before Krystal’s birthday, so we just wanted to celebrate her birthday in advance.

That’s why we cleaned up and planned a little in the morning. Then we quickly went shopping again.

Krystal and I baked a cake and then the guests came. Max’s closest family.

The afternoon was then filled with eating, playing pool, playing cards, drinking, laughing and talking.

A really nice day!

Sunday, 09/04/2022

Our Sunday was super nice and quiet.

In the morning, we all went to the Caboolture Market. This time there was a lot more going on, and we were able to really stroll. I even found some tops and the others bought plants.

I just really love the markets in Australia so I’m soaking up every moment.

We spent the afternoon at home. Savannah tinted Krystal’s best friend and me our eyebrows, and later we watched movies. A really relaxed afternoon.

Max was then with his best friend and came home towards evening.

I love those days when we do something, see something and relax. Meets me and my needs a lot right now 😊.

That was our third week in Australia. Crazy how fast time flies.

Spring is here right now, everything is awakening and beginning to bloom and autumn is slowly but surely arriving at home. I’m looking forward to the quiet time at home and at the same time I’m a little sad that summer is already over.

I hope I was able to take you a little with me during this quiet week.

All the best,

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