Travel Journal 04.08.2021

Travel Journal 04.08.2021

Moin Moin for the 9th day of this travel diary, how time flies. I am happy that you are still, or now, with us ? Make yourself some tea and let me take you on our trip for a short time.

A wonderful sunrise

This morning, we had actually arranged to meet for yoga at 5:30 a.m. But, as it was about 1 a.m. the last few days, until we were in bed, it didn’t really turn out to be what we wanted. But I woke up anyway, luckily, and was able to admire the sunrise. What a magical moment when a new day begins.

But then I laid down again to catch up on sleep.

Later, Hannah and I did a round of yoga together again in the bright sunshine. The warmth of the sun is so incredibly good.

The seal station

After a short breakfast, we walked to the seal station. This time it wasn’t as crowded as yesterday. So we went in.

In the station, my feelings were really mixed.

On the one hand, it is of course extremely important that there are rescue stations for howlers. They can nurse them up and release them back into the wild.

On the other hand, we have read that howlers, born in captivity, cannot be released back into the wild. There were also a few seals that live in the station and will spend their entire lives there. The enclosures were very small in my opinion, in contrast to what seals swim in the wild during the day.

Of course, the station has to make money somehow to be able to raise the Howlers. But why do we humans always need something to look at, to touch, to support such valuable things? The whole thing makes me very thoughtful.

A temporary farewell

After our return to our little camp, Max and I started packing up everything. After a while, the time had come, and we said goodbye to Hannah and Lars. Saying goodbye was easy and difficult at the same time. Difficult, because we really started to like them both in such a short time, and because the 3 days were just wonderful. But also easy, since we have agreed to go to Sweden together next year. We will definitely pursue the plan, and maybe the two of them will come to visit us beforehand.

An adventurous drive

Then we started driving down to Hamburg, home of the two of them. We want to sleep there for one night and then keep going to Hooksiel.
At first, the journey went wonderfully again. Unfortunately, when we left Hamburg, the same diesel line burst again. Max fixed it and also changed the V-belt straight away, because it didn’t look good at all. The V-belt always loosens for some reason after a trip and squeaks as soon as we continue to drive without tightening.

Unfortunately, after Max had masterfully repaired both, the diesel hose also tore. Even after cutting it off several times and trying again to plug it in, it unfortunately did not work.

Luckily, we were in a great place and Max was able to go to the Hornbach to buy a piece of normal hose to fix the whole thing somehow. Luckily, that worked, and we were able to drive to the next parking lot.

The relaxing evening afterwards

When we arrived at the parking lot, we first went for a walk with Koda. Such adventures in Posti are always really exhausting, both for him and for us. The round was very nice and relaxing.

In the evening, we ate in the bus. A very light dinner, as much more is not possible in the cramped space. But that was very nice and cozy for once again.

Now I feel the lack of sleep of the last few days and say goodbye. I wish you a nice evening, a wonderful morning or a less adventurous day than we had.

My learnings today:

  • There are positive and negative aspects to everything
  • Farewells are always new beginnings and give you the opportunity to see each other again
  • It never gets boring with our Posti
  • I am very grateful for the people we were able to get to know on our trip
All the best,


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