From a wish to reality

From a wish to reality

Have you always wondered how your wish can come true? Then keep reading.

Formulation of wishes

The formulation of a wish is of great importance if one wants it to come true.
For example, did you know that wishes, formulated in negative terms, do not result in the wish coming true, rather the opposite?

The explanation is quite simple. Our mind focuses on what we think about. So if we think I don’t want to live like this anymore, then we will continue to live exactly as we live now.

It is therefore particularly important to always formulate the wish positively – I deserve a great home, I feel good in my home.


Formulate your wish out of love, out of calm, out of trust

Formulate your wish out of love, out of calm, out of trust.

Therefore, the intention of the wish is very important. If the wish is born out of joy, love and trust, then it can also be fulfilled.

However, if the wish arises from a lack, from insecurity or fear, it will not come true as I imagine it.

A wish out of lack would be that I wish for something better because I feel my apartment is too small or uncomfortable.

A wish out of love would be that I have a deep trust that everything in this world is my right and everything is possible and that I therefore deserve a wonderful home.

I hope the difference becomes clear.

Scientific background

The whole thing can even be explained scientifically.

There are different types of motivation. Why we do what we do. (from the book – The Self-Healing Code – by Prof. Dr. Tobias Esch)

So-called neurotransmitters (substances that transport stimuli from nerve cell to nerve cell) are present in all 3 types in different compositions.

Type A

Type A is wanting. I want to achieve something because it seems worthwhile to me. Most of the time I expect a reward.

The fulfillment is therefore also short and strong, beautiful and quickly over.

Endorphins, adrenaline and dopamine are released here as a suitable neurotransmitter cocktail.
As a result, I feel less pain, am more alert, have hope and trust, and look forward to, say, a thrill.
This cocktail can also be poured into drug use, as well as exercise and the challenges we overcome. Overall, the neurotransmitters give us the feeling of a flow state, it’s just going well.

Type B

Type B is avoidance. I sense or recognize a threat and want to prevent it.
The reward then is the relief after escaping the situation. Before that, however, stress, pain and fear determine our actions.

This is about the stress reaction already mentioned in another article, fight, flee or freeze. In contrast to type A, here I feel tension, aversion, aggression and alertness.

Adrenaline and cortisol are active here as a neurotransmitter cocktail. In addition, the amygdala is particularly active here, it reacts to threats and is assigned to emotions. It is our fear center, so to speak. Neuroplasticity (our brain’s ability to adapt) allows the amygdala to grow and get bigger when I experience frequent anxiety. This in turn makes me feel fear faster and more frequently – a true negative cycle.

Type A and B form poles on the scale of motivation, one extreme and the other.

Type C

Type C is not wanting. This forms a new category and has only recently become known as a motivational type.

Here I feel comfortable where I am and don’t want to go in one direction or the other. Just be is the motto here. This is about connection and belonging. In the future there is no reward I expect or pain I want to avoid. Instead, the joy is entirely in the present moment. I then feel calm, serenity, relaxation, trust, gratitude, hope, love and compassion.

In contrast to type A, the fulfillment here is rather deep but persistent.

The neurotransmitter cocktail here consists of oxytocin, acetylcholine and serotonin. Serotonin calms our gastrointestinal and cardiovascular systems. It also has a positive effect on blood clotting, mood, pain perception, sleep and wound healing. Acetylcholine, on the other hand, has a positive influence on our ability to concentrate and learning processes and acts in brain regions that we can influence, as well as in the autonomic nervous system, where it ensures external and internal mobility. It also stimulates the release of nitric oxide, which has anti-inflammatory, blood pressure-lowering and stress-reducing effects (at the molecular level – even presumably down to the DNA!).

It is also assumed that endogenous (body’s own) opiates and endocannabinoids are also released. These are, so to speak, the body’s own relatives of drugs. Normally, these are only distributed in healthy amounts. They can reduce stress, but also down-regulate the immune system.

Science and theory brought together

Therefore, positive emotions and thoughts are scientifically proven to be good for us and our body and help us to positively manifest our desires.

Therefore, you manifest best from the motivation of rest and relaxation – from type C. If you are already thinking the way you wish to think, you have already achieved it.

Of course, it is also possible to approach smaller wishes or easily achievable goals from the motivation type A. For example, if you wish to own a certain piece of clothing or have a plant in your garden, then motivation type A is for you. You can quickly fulfill this wish and then you feel (but usually only for a short time) the satisfaction of this fulfillment.

Type C as motivation is what we want

As described above, Type C is therefore much more long-lasting and better suited for longer-term goals. It is also possible to achieve these goals and desires in this way. Since you are in the right mindset and heartset, so is your body and you are able to achieve great things.

Manifesting desires

What does manifest actually mean?

It means something that does not yet exist in reality, something invisible, so to speak – our wish – is made tangible. To make it a reality, to make it visible – to fulfill our wish.

From a wish to a goal

1. Visualize

The first step in manifesting your goals is to visualize them as accurately as possible.

Think you can’t visualize? Anyone can do it, but sometimes it takes a bit of practice.

In the end, it’s all about imagining the exact situation.

An example: You dream of your own house. Think about how exactly it might look like. Imagine yourself sitting on the patio, for example, with a cup of tea or coffee in hand.

  • What do you hear – maybe birds, the sound of waves, wind, …?
  • What do you feel – the warm cup, a cool breeze, a lukewarm evening wind, …?
  • What do you taste – the tea or coffee, salt from the sea, spring scent of flowers, …?
  • And last but not least, what do you see – a cozy living room, the sea, flowers in the garden, …?

So if you now see yourself sitting on the terrace and feel exactly where you are with all your senses. Then you have already taken the first step, the visualization of your dream.

2. Gratitude

Gratitude is a key.

The second step is that you feel a huge gratitude for this dream. Sit there and imagine everything you’re grateful for in that exact situation, on the patio.
Gratitude helps you to get the right energy for the fulfillment of your wish – namely love, trust, calm.

3. So be it

Whenever you connect to your dream like this and I encourage you to do it as often as you can. Tell yourself in the end – so be it.

In this way you convey to yourself, your mind but also the universe that you are ready to live exactly this future.

What can definitely help is to say thank you three times at the end – Thanks. Thanks. Thanks.
This reinforces the gratitude that we just practiced.

4. Formulation

Then it’s time to specify your wish.

It is important to write this wish down. As precisely as possible and without negative wording. In addition, always formulated in the here and now, as if the wish has already been fulfilled.
To stay with the house example, the wording could look like this:

Dear Diary,

I am so thankful for our cozy home. I love sitting on the terrace in the evening sun, watching the sea glisten and listening to the birds. It’s wonderful how we made ourselves comfortable and says it all – this is where we live. I’m so happy!

Thanks. Thanks. Thanks.

So be it.

Of course you can formulate your wish exactly as it suits you. Be sure to describe everything as specifically as possible. After all, we don’t want your order to be delivered to the universe later in a completely different way than requested 😉.

5. Goal

Goal setting – step by step

And then we’re already at the point where the next step is the plot itself.

Now it’s a matter of setting specific goals.

Make a plan of what you want to achieve when and what steps you need to take to get there.
And then get creative. Make vision boards or goal backgrounds for your phone. See what you like and make sure that it is always as appealing as possible. We only like to look at what looks beautiful to us and let our eyes linger on it. This is important to keep reminding yourself of your goal.

6. Get started

The 6th and final step is what some may find the most difficult. However, it is only ever as difficult as you make it out to be in your head. It is now a question of putting the concrete goals into practice.
The path will not always be uphill. There will definitely be descents, don’t let that put you off. This can and must exist so that you can be sure the next time you climb a mountain that it is the right way and that you can enjoy the view all the more at the end.


So, go ahead and set out to make your dreams come true. Because it really is that simple!

  1. Formulate your wish out of love, trust, calm and think of the scientific background – best manifest from motivation type C.
  2. Manifest your desire
    1. Visualize your desire with all your senses
    2. Feel the gratitude for the fulfillment of this wish
    3. So be it, and thank you three times for the fulfillment
    4. Formulate your wish as concretely and positively as possible, as if it has already been fulfilled, write everything down
    5. Formulate your goals from the desire, what are the steps of implementation? Plan the implementation
    6. Get into action and turn your goals into reality

I hope I was able to inspire you with this article to believe in your dreams and make them come true.

Now I wish you a fabulous day, evening or morning.

All the best,

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